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Ducted ventilation system with recuperation or wall-mounted mini-recuperators?

Nowadays, buildings of higher energy class are being built, construction standards and requirements are tightening, and ventilation became inseparable from contemporary accommodation concept. There are two main types of ventilation systems with recuperation: ducted ventilation system with recuperation and wall-mounted mini-recuperators. We invite you to take a look at new short film about those two most popular ventilation types and their peculiarities. We hope this will help you to decide what type of ventilation is best for You and Your house or apartment.

Ducted ventilation system with recuperation

How does the system work? The air supply and extract ducts and a ventilation unit are installed in the premises. The ducted ventilation system supplies fresh air to the living premises through the ducts. The impure air is removed from the rooms where it is most contaminated. Impure air is collected from the premises and removed in such a way that it does not mix with the supply air.

  • Mounting. The ducted ventilation system with recuperation consists of a ventilation unit and ducting elements. It is not so easy to mount. According to the prepared project, the space for ducts should be provided near the ceiling. Installation of air ducts and the entire ventilation system must be carried out by a specialist or an employee of higher qualification.
  • Efficiency. The amount of air in different rooms is balanced by choosing the quantity and diameter of the ducts. Each room is ventilated according to the needs. Impure air, for example, from kitchen or WC, is removed and does not spread out to the other rooms. It is worth noting that the ducted recuperation system allows synchronizing the operation of the ventilation unit and the kitchen hood, thus maintaining the desired temperature in the premises. Special solutions are also available when the air handling unit is integrated with the hood.
  • Comfort. The concept of comfort is inseparable from air quality and temperature. Ducted ventilation system filters clean the premises from air contaminants, dust, allergens and other harmful particles. It is possible to choose filters of different efficiency and composition depending on the environmental conditions. While the air is passing through the heat exchanger, it uses the energy of the exhaust air for heating the intake air, therefore valuable energy is saved. This process is called recuperation. The additionally heated air is supplied to the premises. The advanced rotary heat exchangers may recover up to 92% of heat. The ducted ventilation system with recuperation prevents the street noise from entering. The silencers used in the duct system ensure quiet operation and sound insulation.
  • Control. Smart control helps you save energy and provides optimum comfort. Different ventilation modes (schedules) can be selected to suit your daily needs. Special programs allow you to connect and manage your device remotely at any time. The automation of the air handling unit can provide the user with information on energy consumption, energy saving, the level of filter contamination, and so on. It is calculated that intelligent control allows to lower the average electricity consumption for ventilation more than two times.

Wall-mounted mini-recuperators

How do they work? Mini-recuperators operate in pairs, changing the ventilation direction regularly – extracting air from the room for 70 seconds, during which the ceramic heat exchanger is heated up; after 70 seconds the fan changes the rotation direction and starts supplying air to the premises. The air warms up with from the ceramic heat exchanger – this allows alternate air movement with partial heat recovery or recuperation.

  • Mounting. Wall-mounted mini-recuperator is easy to install, it is enough to drill holes in the exterior walls of the house. They are called “wall-mounted” because they are mounted on the wall, after drilling one or two holes in the wall. A mini-recuperator is installed in the opening to supply fresh air and remove impure air. Separate mini-recuperators are installed in every room you want to ventilate.
  • Efficiency. Air volumes are not always optimally distributed throughout the premises, in order to balance air flows. For example, the impure air from the bathroom or kitchen can enter the premises; also, the working kitchen hood can disbalance the ventilation system. When the hood is switched on, more air enters the room than the wall mini-heat exchanger can warm up, so the rooms are undesirably cooled. To compensate for heat loss, a more powerful heating system is required. The fans are low in power, so the counter-wind may disbalance the operation of mini-recuperators.
  • Comfort. Filters of wall-mounted mini-recuperators effectively protect the system and premises against contaminants whose particles are large in size. However, low filter density prevents them from retaining dust, allergens or other small and harmful particles. Also, the wall-mounted mini-recuperators can block out the street noise.
  • Control. The control of mini-recuperators is simple, with limited capabilities. They can be switched On or Off. It is possible to regulate the fan speed. Also, some of them are equipped with remote control.

Each of these ventilation systems has its own peculiarities. We hope that our informational film will help to deepen Your knowledge about the ventilation in general and will ease Your decision-making process while choosing apartment or house ventilation.

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