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Heat Recovery Systems

Heat Recovery Systems

Modern houses are highly air-tight to prevent energy losses from uncontrolled ventilation through gaps.
Not surprisingly that the residents of those homes ask themselves: where does fresh air comes from?
And having a good air in the house and the apartment is not something luxurious but a self-evident requirement! Recuperators is a ventilation unit with heat recovery and, with its high efficiency and low price, is the best alternative versus airing through open window.

That's why today Recuperators, which is a decentralized ventilation system with heat recovery, is an integral part of comfortable living in a modern house.

High quality and efficiency at low price – it is Airy Forces solutions!

Recuperators: vital air – why particularly our clean air solutions?

- prevents mold and other construction defects caused by excess of moisture;
- adjust moisture content in the air;
- low installation costs;
- reduction of energy losses;
- high rate of heat recovery with low power consumption;
- pleasant climate in the room.


The Airy Forces ventilation unit uses the place that nobody needs! Recuperator is installed in a compact way and virtually invisible in the outside wall.
Due to the mounting on the wall, you do not need to lay ventilation pipes. Only one pipe is installed in the wall, and its length is adjusted to the width of your wall. Thus, it is possible to eliminate unhygienic pollution of long ducts. Along with the central control unit, you get a logical and user-friendly ventilation system.

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