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Odour removal

Odour removal

Odour Removal, Air Purification Treatment by an Ozone Generator

What is Ozone and How an Ozone Generator Works?

- After a storm, the air smells clean and fresh because ozone is created by lightning.
- Oxygen is a O2 molecule
- Ozone is O3 molecule which is an unstainable gas
- An Ozone generator generates O2 into O3 by splitting the molecules
- Once the molecules are split, they become erratically and detachable easily, attaching onto other molecules such as mold, bacteria, pathogens etc. which in most cases the organic organism causing the odor.
- This O3 molecule now de-oxygenizes it and kills any living organism that it comes in contacts with.
- In a short time, the O3 coverts back into pure oxygen.

Why use Ozone Treatment for Odours?

Ozone is affordable, safe and an effective way to permanently remove odors. Returning your property to a safe and healthy environment for your co-workers, you and your family.

If you are selling your property or have adverse health effects or simply just embarrassed.

Ozone Shock Treatment and Odour elimination with no chemicals
Ozone will eradicate embedded stubborn, pungent odours and persistent smells and will improve indoor air quality
No need to cover up with air fresheners and scent anymore
Mayken can kill the bacteria that is causing the odour
Research has shown ozone generators are by far more significant and more powerful and faster acting than Chlorine or Hydroxyls.

Ozone will destroy odours from your Homes, Rentals, Offices, Vehicles, RV's

Ozone eliminates 100% odors